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By now, the buzz and fuzz of 2018 has officially started. I hope everyone had a lovely evening and entered the New Year healthily and full of energy. People are back to work and with a fresh start try to stick to their new years resolutions. Spending more time with the family, losing a few […]

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CocoBliss Collective

“Your health is an investment, not an expense.” This is one of my favourite quotes and I think there is a deep value to be found in this quote. In this life, you only have one body and that means you should take care of it. A healthy body, in my opinion, is a combination […]

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SYDNEY | Ep. 05

In the past two weeks, reality really has hit me. I’ve been in Sydney for 6 weeks now and I have experienced ups and downs in that period of time. But I’m actually starting to settle in right now. A daily and weekly routine has formed itself and this brings about as well negative as […]

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Healthy Ice Cream recipe + video

Summer is here, and that means many delicious flavours of ice cream in overload! From chocolate chip to peanut butter-jelly and from blueberry sorbet to strawberry cheesecake, choice in abundance! But as much as I love ice cream, a healthy lifestyle and body means a lot to me as well.

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