Lysbeth Koster has completed the pre-university education in The Netherlands and is ready to take on any adventure. With ambition for travel, beauty, fashion, fitness and health she shares her favourite stories, products and tips with an audience from all around the world. She puts all her knowledge, creativity and determination into the blogposts and tries to make them as complete and accessible as possible for everyone. Besides traveling around the world this inquiring mind also is constantly educating herself in every way possible.

After living life to the fullest for half a year in Australia she is back with a Cambridge Certificate at Proficiency level and ready to start university in another part of The Netherlands.

Because of her love for the outdoors and nature she was selected as ambassador for the upcoming brand “Stay Wildish” and is helping this brand grow successful.

As CocoBliss Coogee’s (former)  first ambassador of 2017 she really stands for a healthy and pure lifestyle with many ambition to inspire others to live a healthy and well-balanced life that is also good for our planet.

On Social Media she shares many inside stories of her life in and around Sydney, combined with amazing and fun pictures. Instagram / Twitter / Youtube / Facebook.