Lysbeth Koster has completed the pre-university education in The Netherlands and is ready to take on any adventure. With ambition for travel, beauty, fashion and health she shares her favorite products, techniques and tips with an audience from all around the world. She puts all her knowledge, creativity and determination into the blogposts and tries to make it as complete and accessible as possible for everyone. As a self taught makeup artist and fashion junky she is ready to travel all around the world and explore the most beautiful things in life while inspiring everyone who’s interested to get the most out of life.

Right now, she is living an amazing and adventurous life in Sydney, Australia. This new step on the other side of the world is educational related in form of an English course and is satisfying her continuing desire for travel. As CocoBliss Coogee’s first ambassador she really stands for a healthy, happy lifestyle with many ambitions for new journeys.

On Social Media she shares many inside story’s from her life in and around Sydney, combined with amazing and fun pictures. Instagram / Twitter / Youtube / Facebook