Create the Impossible

“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong”. A quote by Joseph Chilton Pearce.

I would love to be able to explain what creativity actually means. Everybody probably knows something about it or has their minds made up about what the definition is to them. But to me, all those definitions on the internet about “creativity” lack that spark that is necessary to do the action justice. Mostly because creativity is something that you carry around your whole life and can do wonders for yourself and the environment. Moreover, with every practice, you’ll gain more of it!


Being creative comes in many shapes and sizes, as to speak. It doesn’t have to be an action like painting. When you look around, you’ll notice that creativity is everywhere. From the design of you chair, to the structures in which cities are built.

To me, being in a creative state of mind means to fully let go of everything I am worrying about and completely focus on this desire to create. Create perfection, create something new, create happiness. But just like the quote says, being creative can be scary for the fear that we might be wrong.

In today’s society, perfection is a main purpose we aim for every single day. People are not allowed to have flaws or mess up. TV-shows and series are fully planned out to make sure no mistakes can be made and whenever someone “fails” it’s published in every paper and online. No wonder the fear of being imperfect has increased, no matter what corner of society you’re looking at. The thing with creating something is that in order to obtain a state of “close to perfection”, you HAVE to fail. Because only then will you discover a more effective way.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if, besides the outcome, we would also display the stages of a process one goes through which also include failures. Maybe in that way we can make up our opinions and values in a more honest and complete way.

So, don’t worry if you mess up or get criticised. Just analyse what it is you can improve and do not take it too personal. Let your creative mind do it’s work and enjoy the process just as much as the result!

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Lysbeth Koster

One thought on “Create the Impossible

  1. This was so well written hun & I am so with you on perfection and not allowing your self to fail. I have learnt so much more from
    failing than I ever have from winning – it’s a shame there is such a negative connotation to failure.
    Great post x


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