Winter to Spring | Forest Vibes

Even though temperatures are still demanding winter jackets and scarves, spring is upon us. Flowers are carefully peeking their heads above the ground, trees are starting to blossom and the first young animals can be seen enjoying rays of sunshine. For a nature photographer this is a perfect time to head out, but also other subjects can be placed into this spring kind of lighting. Like yourself for example!

Together with two of my dearest friends, I headed out into the woods to satisfy my hunger for photography and creativity. It’s always a challenge to take good pictures in surroundings that can appear slightly boring. Instead of a flourishing jungle or white Australian beach as a backdrop, we had to make the best of the typical Dutch winter woods. But I think we managed pretty well.


Luckily, we started the afternoon with some sunlight, which immediately adds to the character of the pictures. Later on however we had to adjust our settings as a more cloudy sky made its appearance. My best friend when it comes to a lack of natural sunlight in pictures is definitely Adobe Lightroom. I’ve been using this programme ever since it got introduced to me and absolutely love everything you can create with it.


While nature is making a transition from winter to spring, you can make some changes in style as well. The sweater with it’s cosy looking material gives a clear indication towards cold winter weather, but as the light pink is a typical spring colour, a balance is formed. For the second top, it’s just the other way around. The short sleeves suggest a slightly warmer temperature (even though it was not!) but the darker colours still remind you of a more winter like feeling. As forest photography is most likely to involve lots of green and brown tones, it’s important to adapt the colour scheme of your clothes. Going for similar colours can cause the effect of you blending in with the background, whereas colours too bright or patterns too crazy might provoke an appalling situation. Also, pictures with you wearing your highest heels and a cocktail dress might not be suitable for a typical forest picture. Keep it simple and play with a nice contrast between you and your backdrop without disturbing it’s natural character.


A fast majority of the time, I’m not the biggest fan of black-and-white photography as I prefer a colourful and rich image. However, in some occasions like the pictures above, the B&W can create a very mysterious effect with its big contrasts. You don’t get distracted by the colour scheme and can lay a complete focus on the image itself.

Credits to Roosmarijn (Instagram) and Thea (Instagram) for taking the pictures and of course spending an amazing afternoon outside!

For more pictures you can head over to my Social Media Platforms: Instagram / Twitter / Youtube / Facebook. Especially on Instagram you will encounter a different style of editing than seen here on my website!

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Lysbeth Koster

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