SYDNEY | Ep. 14 Count Down

Here we are, after 22 weeks of exploring and falling in love with Australia, my adventure is coming to an end. Hence I’ve been less connected to social media and really tried to fully enjoy my last weeks on the other side of the world. Oh, how I’m going to miss summer fruits, warm weather and daily refreshments in the ocean!

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As you might know from my last posts, I have started the Cambridge English course (CPE level) and am completely satisfied with the quality of education and the experience of my teacher at EF. Especially after the disappointing level of English I was taught at the beginning of my time with EF (Intensive Programme), is this a great ending. However, in order to keep my Exam Preparation going, I have to continue my study for a few more weeks at home before I can take the Exam there. Slightly nervous as I am for this period of self-study, I continue my work at school to my full potential.

Of course do I not forget about having fun in these last precious moments of my stay. This implies spending as much time as possible with the amazing people I’ve met here, strolling around beautiful nature sights that I will have to miss out on when I’m back home and, of course, cross those last food places off my bucket list. It has been an amazing time and just like every single weekend I try to get the most out of every minute. Last weekend, it was time for a final visit to Palm Beach. With amazing weather and a lovely group of friends we head up to the light house, enjoy the view and end up playing in the waves and soaking up the sunshine.


Earlier that week some friends and I decided to take a dip in the famous Bondi Ocean Pool. Totally approved for being a gorgeous place to spend the afternoon, but not really ideal for an intensive training programme, as waves kept on crashing on me and my mouth was filled with salt water! Either way, it was an amazing time and we had so much fun! Besides all these more “significant activities”, I also undertake a lot of small things that I can really enjoy. Going to markets, exploring different streets in Sydney or simply picking out a different place to eat or cuisine to try. A specific ritual that really stayed with me is the one of Thursday night and Friday morning. After going out to Ivy’s on Thursday, my friend, who always crashed at our place after, and I would get up on time in order to take a long morning walk to Coogee Beach and get a delicious Açaí Bowl from Coco Bliss.


All these small activities make clear that life is not all about the most expensive and luxurious activities. It’s rather about building relationships with amazing people who I would probably not have met if it wasn’t for Australia. It’s about wandering around places you’ve never seen before and appreciating every living thing and sight you see. It’s about working out your plans and getting back up after implications brought you down. I’m immensely and indescribably thankful for everything that I’ve learned and experienced here. But for now, I’m going to enjoy my last rays of 30C sunshine before heading back to temperatures around 0!

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Lysbeth Koster

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