By now, the buzz and fuzz of 2018 has officially started. I hope everyone had a lovely evening and entered the New Year healthily and full of energy. People are back to work and with a fresh start try to stick to their new years resolutions. Spending more time with the family, losing a few pounds or getting more organised, it doesn’t matter what they are, you are determined to keep up to them. Here are a view easy tips on how to make your goals more achievable and a summary on how I spent my NYE in Sydney.

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Personally, I believe that you don’t need a new year to make important changes in your life. If there is anything you want to change, either about yourself, your lifestyle or your goals, it is up to you to change that. Stop the excuses and just start right, on the spot, this minute. However, the start of a new year can sometimes make it easier, as it feels like a moment where you can start everything all over again. There is this mentality that we are reborn or refreshed in the new year, so it is logical to make use of that feeling and transform it into a certain inspiration. But, sticking to those New Years resolutions can be quite hard. Especially after a month or so. Here are some tips to make this years resolutions last longer, at least longer than the first of Februari.


  1. Having one main goal is great, but can seem very unachievable or unreachable. Instead, set smaller goals for yourself to make the road easier.
  2. Write it down. No, not on your computer or smartphone. Really make effort to set up a plan and put your thoughts and interest in it. Display it in/around your house or put it up as your phone’s background, as an everyday reminder.
  3. Reward yourself. Be strict on the times you need to be, but to keep that balance, make sure you treat yourself. If you are losing some weight, this is really easy: pick a restaurant where you would love to eat and when reaching your first goal, go there. For other resolutions, come up with another reward like a massage, clothes, make-up or simply a day trip or activity you really want to do.
  4. Ask for help. Especially big life changes are something you can’t always do alone. Call out for help from friends and family, but also take professional help in consideration. Having these backups by your side, you will not give up as fast.
  5. Last but not least is to keep track of your progress. Look at the bright side and the good things you’ve accomplished. Write it down, take a picture or simply go over it while laying in bed.

My New Year was absolutely incredible. On the 30th of December I made the Dutch delicacy of what we call “Oliebollen”. An amazing and simple fried dish served with “poedersuiker” (icing sugar). So much fun to make these together with a lovely Dutch friend and enjoying this little piece from home. We didn’t have a scale, measuring cups or sieve (typical student life), nevertheless they turned out to taste amazing! On New Years Day/Eve, I waited for 9 hours at Mrs. MacQuarie Point for an amazing view on the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. It was totally worth the wait, a breathtaking evening that I will never forget. Special and somewhat weird to not have spent this moment with family, but a great experience. Myself, I don’t really have strict new years resolutions, purely because the goals I have right now are already in progress. I do like to use the new year to revise on how they are going and if I want to adapt anything.

For now, I wish you all a happy, healthy and amazing 2k18! These are 12 new chapters and 365 new chances, make good use of them and enjoy all the positive moments!



Lysbeth Koster

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