SYDNEY | Ep. 06

Australia is known as the place with perfect weather. So what to do on a weekend when it’s pouring rain? That was the struggle we were facing last weekend. Luckily, I still managed to have an amazing weekend.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter a nice night out at Ivy on Thursday, Friday went by very relaxed with a morning workout and evening classes at school. Saturday we went to the Sea Life Aquarium in Sydney where we enjoyed the morning looking at the most intriguing and beautiful sea creatures while outside rain was pouring from above. This is a perfect activity for rainy days as a large part takes place inside and you don’t have to waste a sunny day. After a quick lunch it was time to catch up on our responsibilities, and that means grocery shopping, cleaning and cooking. Honestly, I actually kind of enjoy this part of living in Sydney. Having your own place comes with many responsibilities (and especially the terrors I went through with in this room) but when you plan those in the right way, there is so much to enjoy about living on your own!

In the evening, nobody was really feeling like going out with weather like this. So we decided to snuggle up in some good cinema chairs (no but for real, they were amazing!) and enjoy a girls movie night with Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream. Bad moms 2 is a hilarious Christmas movie that can be watched, even if you haven’t seen part 1 yet.

On Sunday morning I was able to squeeze in a nice run between the rain showers. After that I went to Three Williams in Redfern where we had lunch with a group of friends from school. The ambiance in the restaurant is very minimalistic, relaxed and great for a vegan vegie bowl. Absolutely loved the combination of sweet potatoes, crunchy chickpea’s and pesto kale! It was meant to be just a lunch, but everybody was so comfortably talking about everything and having fun, that we spent about 3 hours in the restaurant. When we finally went home, I caught up on some schoolwork and ended my evening in an artistic way with sketching some tattoo designs for a friend and catching up on some reading.


As for a little insight on my classes, everyday I spent about 4 hours in school by following one SPIN-class (Special Interest) and two General English classes. Since levelling up to 2.1 I feel way more challenged and comfortable in my class. In The GE classes we go through many different things: conversations, writing, discussions, grammar and so on. In total I have three different SPIN-classes: Use of English on Monday and Tuesday, Journalism on Wednesday and Thursday and News of the Week on Friday. During these classes you learn more about that certain subject. Every 6 weeks there is a test based on the development of your skills. This also means that every 6 weeks you level up (if you’re able to get the right test results) and change your SPIN-classes.

So there you go, another quick recap on, again, another week. This weekend there are sporty activities on the program so some friends and I are going to fuel up on some tacos tonight! If you want to see more of my daily life in Sydney, Australia, Check out my social media platforms!



Lysbeth Koster

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