SYDNEY | Ep. 05

In the past two weeks, reality really has hit me. I’ve been in Sydney for 6 weeks now and I have experienced ups and downs in that period of time. But I’m actually starting to settle in right now. A daily and weekly routine has formed itself and this brings about as well negative as positive aspects. But, no matter what those points are, I’m in Sydney, and that means nice pics and (hopefully) great stories again!

What do I mean with positive and negative aspects? Well, very simple actually. Now that a routine has formed itself, you know what’s going to happen and are prepared. I’m getting used to Australian customs, I know where the supermarkets are and what they contain, I’ve gotten used to taking the bus and many more simple and everyday things like that. This makes life a little more simple and less stressful. On the other hand, it provides more time to actually think and reflect on my life, as well here as in The Netherlands. I have more time to worry about other things and the “vacation feeling” from the first weeks is slightly fading.

Like you can see, good and bad things can be named about this new situation. But the only things I can do is deal with the bad ones and fully enjoy my time in Sydney as is right now.


For example; Two weeks ago we went to the Fish Market at Darling Harbour and had a sushi donut. This treat has nothing to do with the sweet, sugary delight but the shape. In that weekend we also made time to check out The Rocks market and enjoyed a nice afternoon sun. Sunday, the day started amazing, so we decided to get active and do the Coogee to Bondi walk again, starting off with a nice Açaí Bowl from the one and only CocoBliss. Throughout the week, the weather was not very good, but this weekend it was typical Australian weather again and we made sure to use it as optimal as possible. Friday evening it was time to play dress-up, as there was a Halloween Boat party! What better way to celebrate Halloween than enjoying the beautiful Sydney view by night! Unfortunately, the night didn’t end, as initially planned, with an after party at The Argyle. Instead, I was taking care of a friend who got a little too drunk. On the bright side, everything was perfectly fine with her after about two hours and I got a free ride in an ambulance, which was, to be very honest, pretty cool.


After a bit of sleeping in, it was time to hop out of bed and make our way to Milk Beach on Saturday. This golden spot is beautiful for it’s view and definitely worth visiting! Saturday was more than amazing. After a quick run in the park we headed for Manly around 10:30. Before enjoying a nice day at Shelly Beach, we decided to do something more adventurous. In other words; jumping off a nine-meter high cliff (3 times)! After getting some food the whole group heads to Shelly and spends the day relaxing and swimming at the beach. For me, the day ended a bit different than expected. I had never had sunstroke before, but hey, first time for everything, right? Details won’t be necessary here, but for today I make sure to drink enough water!


Other good news is that, instead of moving up from C1.1 to C1.2, I was able to move up to C2.1 and skip 2 levels. Today is my first day and I already feel way more challenged in this level.

So there it is, a quick recap of the past two weeks. I’ve been a little MIA, mainly due to school related stuff and of course the “settling-in dip” as you could call it. But I will try to keep my game up and hope to see you back soon. Check out my social media if you want to see more recent updates of my life in Australia! Instagram / Twitter / Youtube

Lysbeth Koster

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