SYDNEY | Ep. 03

Time flies, and that’s the best way to describe this second week. Because wow this went by quickly! Anyway, let’s talk about the highs and lows of this week. It started a little stressful… I was worrying about school as I felt I wasn’t challenged enough and was feeling a little useless. I love working hard and putting a lot of effort in my work or school, but I have to realise that not everything in life is based around learning out of the books. So my challenge for this week was to start finding a balance that works for me.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter school on Monday I did some grocery shopping and rushed to the opera house at around 17:30 to see the lightshow. This show, called Badu Gili (meaning: water light in the language of the Gadigal people) can be seen at sunset and, till September 30th, at 7pm. The lights tell a breathtaking 7-minute story about the ancient First Nations. What a coincidence it was when the weekly optional lecture turned out to be about Australian Culture. It was great to learn a little more about the country where I will be staying for the coming 4.5 months.

The week continued and lot’s of my activities were based around the opera house as I also went on a tour. For $28 I expected a little more from it to be really honest, but it was nice to see the inside and hear a little bit about the buildings history and architecture. Wednesday and Friday were for partying. On Friday we went to this really nice club called The Argyle, so the next morning we definitely deserved a little bit of extra sleeping time. At noon, however, we did the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk (but than from Coogee to Bondi instead). A beautiful way to spend the Saturday.


The Victoria Building is a beautiful old piece of architecture built in the late nineteenth-century. Meant as a market hall, it now is a beautiful luxuries shopping mall with several floors. From high fashion to mesmerizing jewellery and the most gorgeous looking food. A day spent well shopping.

Like I said, this week went by super quickly, and that made me realize that time does really continue and goes faster than we think. But is that a bad thing? As long as you make the most out of every day and every minute, I think it’s okay for time to fly.

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Lysbeth Koster

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