SYDNEY | Ep. 02

It’s Thursday evening and the welcoming party of EF has started. A great night and after some drinks and lots of dancing and talking it’s time to go home. My jetlag came to say “Hi” so no time for sleeping in. Instead I get up and decide to get the day started with a bit of a sweat. At home, the gym is a 15-minute bike ride and I have all equipment I need right in front of me. Here in Sydney I have to be creative. Moore Park is a great start and with the help of some benches and hills my first small workout is completed. Now, time for a shower and then off to school.


The weekend starts off with amazing weather, and that means the first Australian Barbie (BBQ) at Bronte Beach. We go there on time and spend some time relaxing on the beach and taking a first swim in the ocean (really cold!). It’s amazing to see the relaxed Australian vibe all over Bronte. The whole park is filled with people having BBQ’s in the public areas and passing time at the beach. After some food we decide to go explore a little bit and walk up to the ocean pool. The pool is open for anyone to take a swim and is filled with salt seawater. The waves breaking on the edges of the pool is an amazing sight. As a cherry on top we were able to see a whale jumping in the water. A breathtaking moment!


After some nice photo’s it’s time to go home to the residence. Unfortunately it was not able anymore to get another room. Disappointing, but the room has been deep cleaned and my roommate and I decide to start again and make the best of it. Because let’s be honest, we’re in Sydney! We should enjoy and a stupid room won’t take us down.

So that’s exactly what we did the next day, enjoy. With a group of girls from the residence and school we take a day trip to Coogee Beach. The weather is cloudy but still very nice and after a bus ride we arrive at our destination. For lunch it’s time to try something new. Have you ever seen those gorgeous (Tumblr/Pinterest/Instagram) pictures of tropical Açaí bowls? Well, that’s us today! After literally a 2 minute walk from the beach we are able to get an Açaí bowl at Cocobliss. An amazing experience for your eyes as well as your tummy. Definitely going back to try another flavour. We close the day off by taking some pictures and head back to the residence. After a nice dinner everybody is satisfied and relaxes outside, does some homework or the standard house holding tasks.


A very exciting yet weird first week has passed. It was a rollercoaster of emotions but right now I’m so glad I pushed through! I can already say that I learned a lot in Sydney in this first week. Maybe not immediately in English, but definitely a lot about myself and how to handle certain situations so far from home.

Follow the blog for more recent updates and check out my social media to keep track on my every day adventures in Sydney! See you soon!

Lysbeth Koster

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