How to: Fit on Vacation

It’s finally here, the day you’ve been waiting for, for the past few weeks, maybe even months. Brazil, France, South Africa or Japan, it doesn’t matter, because you are going on vacation. Fantastic! But, there is one little thing. Am I able to stay fit on vacation? Yes, yes you are!

First of all, there is a reason why people think about relaxing with a dink in their hand on a white beach when the word “vacation” pops up. Because that’s kind of what you are meant to do: relax and enjoy! Let everything go and indulge a little every now and then. Now, every body does this in their own way, but please keep in mind that you do need a break. Let’s start off by pushing away that strict regulation of having to work out and focus on the recovery of your body. You got it in mind? All relaxed? Great, then we can move on to the main topic. Here are some tips on how to stay fit and healthy while enjoying your holiday.


  1. Food is really the most important factor while on vacation. Indulging is so easy, but if you want to stay fit you have to find that balance. Instead of going out to dinner every day, try to get your own breakfasts/lunches/dinners together and cook yourself (if possible). This way you know exactly what’s going into your meals and you can adjust the nutrition to your liking and level of activity. Oh, and it probably also saves you some money! Even switching up little things might help a lot. When at a restaurant, switch up soda’s for sparkling water with lemon for example!
  2. If you are away for a longer period of time, get some structure in your days. By waking up every morning at the same time, your body has a bit of balance and you will notice having more energy during the day.
  3. Pack your active wear. By already bringing your sportswear with you, makes the step to an active vacation way easier, because it’s there, right in front of you. No excuses, just go for it!
  4. Plan active things to do! Think about hikes to a waterfall or to the top of a mountain, go swimming, play a sport on the beach or explore the city by bike. Just get out there and move, you’ll feel much better at the end of the day and you got a great workout in!
  5. Set yourself up with small goals. Like walking (instead of driving) to the shops to get some fresh fruit every (other) day. Or taking the stars up to the 3th floor instead of the elevator. These small exercises every day can make a huge difference!
  6. If you do want to work out, try this by listening to your body. If you are really pumped to do a nice workout on the beach, then just go for it. Be creative with the different environment and explore the while you are running your miles, but make sure you are not obsessively busy with working out. Just go for an hour and that’s it. How often a week you want to train is up to you, but again, listen to your body and what it needs most.
  7. So, you keep want to keep doing your workouts 3 times a week? No problem, but maybe switch it up a bit! You are in a whole new environment and probably don’t have all of your go to equipment ready to go. Try to make your workouts more fun and give them a pumped holiday feel. Do this by going with a friend, exploring the environment on your runs and use different objects to work with. You can turn the beach, the forest, the city and even your hotel room to your personal gym by simply getting creative with the environment.
  8. Last but not least, your body is not going to get fat after one unhealthy meal, just like it won’t get a six-pack with one healthy meal. Balance is key in everything; food, work, relaxation and fitness. Make sure to find your own balance between saying “Yes” and saying “No”.

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I hope this post was helpful. When out of the house, keeping that ultra healthy lifestyle can be hard. But don’t beat yourself up for it. Everyday is a new day and even every meal and minute is a new one. Follow the blog for more tips and tricks for beauty, fashion, travel and a healthy lifestyle and make sure to check out my social media, I would love to see you there!

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