Back to school season has started. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun anymore! Keep on reading for some great tips and tricks on how to make your workspace as inviting and productive as possible!

The space you work in is extremely important. It has to make you feel good but you also have to be able to get things done in there. There are some different things you can do to make this work. First of all I suggest making sure everything is tidied up and minimalistic. This way, you don’t have distractions around you. Before you get started with anything, do a quick clean up. It will only take 5 minutes and by accomplishing this task you will feel more motivated to get started with the next thing on your agenda!


Next up is to make sure everything has a specific place where you can find it back, because nothing is more annoying than losing that one note you need for that test tomorrow. Buy (big) folders and name them, maybe even one for every subject, and force yourself to put everything from that subject in the right folder (you can do this within those 5 min. of cleaning).

The fact is, that your workspace should look somewhat inviting. This way it’s easier to get started. Try to find a balance in here as you don’t want a messy appearance. Go for a pillow or blanket to make the space comfy and cozy. One or two plants for oxygen and a fresh feeling. Maybe a picture of you and your bestie to give it that personal touch. A great way to spice up your desk area too, is by decorating your pen holder, laptop case or adding Christmas lights.

We all know that moment that you finally started your homework when you realise your lips are dry, your breath smells, you are thirsty, and so on. My tip is to have a water bottle and an SOS jar on your desk. In there you put a (lip) moisturiser, gum, deodorant, perfume, tissues, earbuds and an aspirin. Now, nothing is all over the place and you can quickly continue with your work.


Last but not least is to make sure the area is fresh. Open the windows every day for at least half an hour, spray a bit of your favourite perfume (check out my favourite sent here) or body spray around and depurate regularly. Also, try to switch it up every now and then. I really enjoy getting my room “season-ready” as it makes the place more inviting to be in. Get inspired on Pinterest (@Lysbeth Koster) and try to enjoy working in that place, even if it’s just on your math homework!


I hope these tips were helpful to get your workspace ready, either for school or work. Believe in yourself because you got this! If you want to get notified on my next BACK TO SCHOOL post, simply follow the blog or sign up with your e-mail. I got some exciting stuff coming up this school year, so make sure to check me out on my social media for all the juicy details. Would love to see you there!

Product list:

  • Map: THE WORLD – National Geographic
  • Nude scarf – H&M
  • Tropical watercolour pictures – Pinterest
  • Stapler – Sigel
  • Perfume – La Vie Est Belle
  • Lipbalm – EOS
  • Earbuds – Apple
  • Green pencils – Faber Castle
  • Rings – H&M
  • Laptop Case (clear) – Speck


Lysbeth Koster

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