NRWY Ep. 03

Welcome to my travel diary, NRWY 2017, where I explore the breathtaking views and amazing adventures in Norway. Read all about my favourite tips and take a look at some beautiful pictures that I made of the area. And so the adventure ends…

DAY 10: Like in a Disney movie, we wake up with a breathtaking view, eating breakfast while enjoying how a soft sun shines through the window. We head down the mountain to go to a Fjord Museum where I get to know more about the history and glory of this little village. We enjoy a nice cup of coffee and take a stroll further down to explore the little city and decide to take a ferry to enjoy the full richness of the fjord. Definitely a recommendation! It’s breathtaking how the sun hits the wet rocks and waterfalls and shows how stunning Mother Nature can be.

DAY 11: When I arrived, I was continuously amazed by every single water flow or waterfall I saw, and now, 10 days further I still can’t keep my eyes off them. So today we planned a walk to the back of a waterfall, it was stunning. After that we decided to walk further, it’s stunning how just after walking a little further the whole area can change into a different world, again full of amazement and nature.


DAY 12: Unfortunately, we have to leave Geiranger already. This little village, including the many cruise ships and tourists, has something magical. Road 63 it is, and what a road it was! We went up to a view point (1500 meters) where we were able to print in the beautiful view while walking above the mountains and in the snow. After taking some pictures we were on the road again. The trip was great but at the end, a second great nightmare was awaiting us. Our organisation booked a little cabin at Vesterland Resort, which turns out to be very unhygienic (fungus in the shower and on the walls, water damage, pipework fully exposed and just fully lived out). I’m definitely not someone who is quickly grossed out, but this was just not healthy. We called our organisation and they were going to contact ScanBrit. At the end of the day we were able to stay in the Vesterland hotel for the coming 4 nights.


DAY 13: The hotel was perfectly clean and renovated. So Vesterland definitely knows how to clean things up, even though that doesn’t show through in the quality of the cabins. But, after that night we decided to pack our bags that morning and go. The goal was to get a place we also feel good in, and the ambiance at Vesterland was ruined. We looked around in some near villages when our travel organisation called that we could go sooner to our next location in Voss. So that’s what we did. The apartment where we were placed was beautiful but most importantly: clean.

DAY 14: We decided to sleep in a little this morning and after having breakfast we got in the road and went to Stalheimskleiva, an 18% incline road with 13 sharp bends that leads to the royal road between Oslo and Bergen. There we walked towards a beautiful waterfall, took some pictures and soaked in the nature. At the end of the day we decided to go out for dinner, as a celebration that we were now in an amazing, but most important, clean apartment and not at Vesterland.


DAY 15: Today we are up and early because we are going to see a glacier! I’m talking about the Buerbreen in Odda. The path leading to this glacier is long but so much fun as you have to climb the rocks using ropes while enjoying the beautiful view. At 13:00 we got to the top where we had some lunch and were amazed by the glacier and breathtaking panorama. We were very lucky with the weather as we only had one little rain shower at the top. After a few nice shots we decided to go back and have a relaxing evening.


DAY 16: Starting the day off with a quick workout to get me started for the day. After that we all got ready to go on a small road trip, just enjoying the fjords of Norway and exploring a little around the area. Unfortunately today was quite rainy, but at the end of the day we were able to see such a beautiful rainbow, that it was all forgiven.

DAY 17: The alarm goes off and I hop out of bed. While getting a nice breakfast I find out about a really cool clough nearby. We go for a walk and are amazed by the violence of the water, so wild yet so beautiful. After having a light lunch, I am ready for some real adventure. So next thing on our list is a zip line and climbing park. I had never done this before but it was really cool and so much fun to do, definitely a recommendation!


DAY 18: Today, we have planned a day trip to the city of rain: Bergen. We were fortunate enough to get the best weather possible! Lots of sun and 25 degrees Celsius. Bergen is such a lovely city, we took a stroll around and went to see Bryggen, a church, the fish markets and all of the gorgeous little streets and alleys. Wherever you go there is great food and beautiful flowers in abundance!


DAY 19: Our last full day in the beautiful Norway. We go to Flåm, a very touristy but beautiful village. While taking a walk along the shore of the fjord we enjoy the view over the fjord and the clear water. After a nice lunch at the harbour we head back home to start packing everything up. Norway, you were amazing, we’ll meet again.

After that last day everything went so fast! We hopped on the boat in Bergen and were dropped off the next day in Hirtshals, Denmark. We drove to Kolding where we would spend the night and wake up the next day with a 7 hour drive ahead to get back to The Netherlands. While finishing these last sentences of my travel diary I can’t describe how grateful and happy I am to have made this trip. I cherished every minute and will cherish every memory. Follow the blog for more travel and check out my social media to see how I will spend the rest of my summer! See you soon!


Lysbeth Koster

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  1. You got a great blog! I love reading your entries. I’ll go to Norway for an exchange semester next year and will definitely visit some places you wrote about!

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