NRWY Ep. 02

Welcome to my travel diary, NRWY 2017, where I explore the breathtaking views and amazing adventures in Norway. Read all about my favourite tips and take a look at some beautiful pictures that I made of the area. And so the adventure continues… 

DAY 5: Today we move on to Oppdal, also great for skiing in winter and a well known trading city. On our way, we stopped at viewpoint Snøhetta, the architecture is minimalistic. Stunning, and after a cold and windy climb up, you are welcomed by a warm fireplace and beautiful views. The area this viewpoint looks out on was a mine and later a training place for the army, but is now being restored for the sake of nature. We stayed at Vangslia Fjelltun, which was (unfortunately) almost run over by Dutch. However the views from our room were great, I would not come back to this park again, as the apartments are very out-lived. Noisy, pests and back-pain is all I can say. But let’s stay positive, we did a ton of fun stuff!


DAY 6: On day six of our trip, for example, we went to Åmotsdalen Gard, a beautiful combination of overwhelming nature and historical draft. After a lunch stop and a three-hour walk we drove back to check out the top of the mountain, taken there by a gondola lift while enjoying the beautiful view.


DAY 7: The next morning we planned a full day trip to Trondheim, the most northern point we would get. We saw some beautiful highlights of the city while enjoying a city walk and visited some beautiful spots. After sightseeing we made a quick stop for something to drink and decided to head home, as the ride would be long and tiring. An amazing day ended with a quick workout for me while watching the sun set in lovely Oppdal.


DAY 8: Sunday fun- day, am I right? Up and going early this morning, enjoying breakfast while planning a trip to Åmotan, at the bottom of a ravine, and Ørnsnydda, a beautiful view point. The trip was about 7 kilometres, but very hard because of steep slopes and exhausting climbing trails. Battling the mountains and riding the waterfalls while enjoying amazing views, a great trip to make. After 3 to 4 hours, including (lunch) breaks, we finished the trail with a satisfying and overwhelming feeling.


DAY 9: The next adventures will take place in Geiranger, a beautiful village at the end of the Geiranger Fjord. The place is very popular for tourists and cruise ships. We leave,, with a relieved feeling, the apartment in Oppdal around 8 a.m. and make our way to the Trollstiegen, where we enjoy the breathtaking views, take some time being tourists and have a little lunch. Back in the car it is for the last couple of miles. When arriving, we look upon a panorama of waterfalls and breathtaking nature. After quickly checking in to our different yet fun (and most importantly hygienic) little cabin with gorgeous view, we have a first dinner out the door in Norway. A cute little cottage at the top of the mountains it is. Afterwards, we walk our way down to the harbour and explore the amazing set up of Geiranger.


DAY 10: Like in a Disney movie, we wake up with a breathtaking view, eating breakfast while enjoying how a soft sun shines through the window. We head down the mountain to go to a Fjord Museum where I get to know more about the history and glory of the little village of Geiranger. We enjoy a nice cup of coffee and take a stroll further down to explore the little city, and decide to take a ferry to enjoy the full richness of the fjord. Definitely a recommendation! It’s breathtaking how the sun hits the wet rocks and waterfalls, and shows how stunning Mother Nature can be.


I can’t wait to share the rest of this trip and the amazing nature here in Norway. Many fun things happen but in my posts I try to be honest about everything. Stay updated on the blog by following and check out my social media for more fun stuff!


Lysbeth Koster

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