NRWY Ep. 01

Welcome to my travel diary, NRWY 2017, where I explore the breathtaking views and amazing adventures in Norway. Read all about my favourite tips and take a look at some beautiful pictures that I made of the area. And so the adventure begins…
DAY 1: In the morning of July 23 the alarm goes early, one and a half hours of rushing goes by and then our rest is found in a long car ride towards Kiel, Germany. There we get on the Stena Scandinavica for a beautiful overnight boat trip towards Gøteborg. Enjoying the sunset and watching the beautiful nature by day, and skylines at night. Slowly preparing for bed.

DAY 2: The next morning we watch how the boat arrives and are impressed by the gorgeous nature of Sweden. Via Oslo we move upwards to Beitostølen where we can catch our breaths and relax for the night. We stayed at the Beitostølen Resort, a cozy, clean and quite spacious apartment. Beitostølen is this typical ski (and cross-country ski) area at about 900 meters. The shops are nice and there is a very peaceful ambiance with a beautiful view on the snow covered mountains, even in summer.

DAY 3: After running some errands and doing some grocery shopping we head towards a walk up the Synshorn, a 1475 meter high mountain, not far from our little cabin. The first hike in Norway was stunning. Breathtaking because of the amazing views, but also because of the intense way up and down.


DAY 4: Lillehammer, here we come! Well kind of… From Beitostølen, Lillehammer it still is a bit of a ride. We came with the idea to take a road through a National Park and over beautiful old roads. This way, the trip took way longer than the highway, but it was so worth it. Beautiful steep roads with breathtaking views, no words can describe the feeling. We ended up for a pick nick on the side of the road but 10 minutes later we found this beautiful wild water flow. So what did we do? Of course, we stopped the car and went on an adventure! Climbing over the slippery rocks with all kinds of moss on them and over the dense forest paths. Taking pictures and simply enjoying this untameable part of nature. When finally in Lillehammer, we decided to simply take a more easy road back, staring out of the front window and reading a good book. But this was an adventure I’ll never forget.


Those first few days went by so fast, I just can’t believe it. Let’s move on to the next adventure! Want to join in? Make sure to follow the blog and get notified when “NRWY Ep. 02” goes up, would love to see you then! Oh, and you can check my social media for in between updates.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Lysbeth Koster

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