Golden Goddess or Silver Seducer

You never really know a woman until you see her jewellery. Why? Because an outfit can be easily recreated, but it’s the finishing touches that make the outfit unique and totally you. That’s why I love playing with jewellery, it’s those little details that really put the look together and make you stand out in a crowd of striped turtle necks!

And there you are, in front of a rack full of jewellery, from statement necklaces to chokers en from rings to bracelet’s. One thing that is quite remarkable is the colour palette, mostly gold, silver and a little rose gold. Looks like an easy decision, unfortunately it’s not. Because that gap between (rose)gold and silver feels like the distance from earth to the moon. No worries though, keep on reading and with a few simple test you’ll find out if you are a golden goddess or rather a silver seducer.

Golden Godess

While checking your wrists your veins look more green-ish than blue. When holding a white piece of fabric close to your skin, a yellow or olive tone appears and when going to the beach you get a tan and don’t burn as fast. Your eyes are most likely brown and your hair is honey blond, a hazel brown, strawberry blond/red, auburn or a (very) dark caramel colour. With black hair, check in summer if dark caramel or red highlights appear. A great thing is to also check the jewellery you already have. Most likely you chose the right shades initiative.


Silver Seducer

The veins in your wrists probably show a more blue like colour and with a white shirt on your skin shows a pink or blue tone. When in the sun you are more likely to get sunburned. A cool toned person often has blue, green or grey coloured eyes combined with icy blonde, brown or black hair that tends towards an ashy tone with almost dark grey or blue highlights. There are no golden are red highlights visible.


Keep in mind that weather, seasons and makeup can slightly change these facts. For example, in summer I tend to go more towards gold as my skin is tan and has a yellow undertone, my hair is honey blonde and my eyes brown. Yet, towards winter when my skin gets lighter, silver suits me nice too.

Whatever your results are, you should always wear what you like, because that’s what makes you the way you are. These are just tips to help you out on what might look good on you, but they’re not rules you should follow. And let’s be honest, a lot of you probably have characteristics from both groups. That’s because there is no such thing as categorising people. Everyone is slightly different, and that’s amazing. Just go with the colour you have the most in common with or feel best by.

I hope this little guide was helpful. Good luck with rocking your accessories, either gold or silver, you look stunning! Would you like to be notified when a new post goes up? Simply hit the follow button or keep in touch with my social media!

Lysbeth Koster

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