Sun Baked Balance

Nowadays, almost everybody wants to have that beautiful golden sun kissed look, and that means for many men and women; lying in the sun for a few hours a day, the skin fully exposed to harsh UV radiation. But hey, when at the end of the day our tan lines are showing up, it was worth it, right?

That lovely feeling of the warm sun on your skin and you just snoozing away or reading a book, yes, I’m just as guilty. But many of us know that that golden glow can bring some dangerous consequences with it. So in this post I will break down a few tips and tricks on how to tan responsibly (in whatever measure that’s possible).


  1. We need vitamin D and when applying sunscreen this vitamin is hardly producible by our bodies. So 15 minutes in the sun without sunscreen is more than enough to get your body working on those vitamins.
  2. However, when staying in the sun for a longer period of time, for example with  beach days, sunscreen is super important. The factor is completely up to you and the weather conditions. I always go with at least SPF 30 and make sure to reapply the product every 2 – 3 hours, especially when sweating and swimming a lot. And don’t forget the ears, feet and bellybutton!
  3. A great tip is around the end of spring/begin of summer applying a bit of fake tan. There are many brands that will help you get a beautiful bronzed glow, my favourites will be listed down below. After applying you already have a bit of a tan going, so the pressure of having to bake in the sun has decreased excessively. You feel confident without having to rush your skin to have a tan. But beware, applying fake tan doesn’t mean your skin can’t get sunburned. So sunscreen is still very important!
  4. Warm weather means less clothing, but this also means more exposure to the sun. When going for a real out-door trip, go for something light that still covers your neck and shoulders, a fancy sun hat can be a beautiful accessory and protection at the same time!
  5. Build up the amount of time you stay in the sun. This way your skin can get used to it gradually and you won’t burn as quickly. Start with 10 – 20 minutes so that when that beach day comes up, your skin doesn’t get surprised.
  6. Between 12:00 and 15:00, the sun is very strong, this doesn’t mean you should stay inside but make sure to keep in mind that you should be a little more perceptive between these hours. Maybe wear something a little more covered up, reapply the sunscreen and spend a little more time in the shadow.


And then when your beautiful tan has developed in a save way, it’s very important to take care of your skin so your tan will stay on as long as possible. First of all, exfoliating is key. This way dead skin cells come off and the tan will hit your fresh new skin which will hold longer. Scrubbing also makes sure that your skin won’t start to peel as fast because you already help your skin with that in a more consistent way. Next up is moisturizing, as the sun can be very harsh on your skin, you need to make sure it is hydrated and has the resources to restore again. Last but not least is to not think about it as much. I know this sounds weird but whatever skin colour or type you have, you are beautiful the way you are. And a tan will never win it from a smile and some confidence!

I hope this blog post was helpful and wish you all healthy, happy and save tanning hours! Make sure to enjoy but keep an eye open. Follow the blog for more summer post and to stay updated on everything that’s going on!

Lysbeth Koster

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