Luminous Legs

What better feeling than the touch of soft silky sheets on your smoothly shaved legs. I think it’s an amazing feeling and I can’t get enough of touching the softness of my legs after shaving. But this sensation can’t last long as the small hairs start rushing back and before you know it it’s like caressing a human cactus. Here are some tips to make sure your smooth legs will last longer.

No. 1 Sharpen it up

Use a new, clean and sharp razor blade every time you shave. These don’t have to be expensive. At the men’s department there are bags with very cheep yet sharp razors that will fit the job just well!

No. 2 Rinse, rinse, rinse

After every 1 or 2 shaving strokes, make sure to clean the razor blade. Rinse off the small hairs and soap so the razor is ready to go for the next stroke.

No. 3 Scrub away

This action is definitely key for long lasting smoothness. Make sure you scrub regularly and especially just before shaving. Scrubbing will make sure the dead skin comes of and reveals hairs that were covered with it. This way you are able to shave off the hair from the root. Scrubbing regularly will also help prevent ingrown hairs. Want super smooth legs and have time? Start off with shaving, then scrub the leg and then shave again!

No. 4 Moisturize

After shaving your skin might feel a little dry as you affected the natural oil layer the skin has. Moisturizing will give your skin that nutrition that it just needs after shaving, plus it will give your legs that extra silky finish.

No. 5 Finishing touches

This last tip is mainly to emphasise your beautiful, toned legs while wearing clothing pieces revealing this majestic part of your body. Before heading out the door simply apply a bit of body glow oil/lotion to your legs and they will take the spotlight all day long! (Check them out down below!) If you don’t have a product specifically created to make the skin shine, simply mix a little of your body lotion with some liquid highlighter and voila, a home made body glow mixture! Just putting a little bit on will give the parts that will be hit by light that extra shine and can make your legs look more toned. A simple action that could tilt you vacation photo’s to the next level!


Now, of course nobody is forcing you to shave. Everybody has hair and it’s one of the most humane and natural features. Shaving is a choice not a must. I hope these tips were helpful and I would love to see you back at my next blog post, so make sure to hit the follow button!

Oh, and here are some of my favourite products;

Lysbeth Koster

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