Travel apps you can’t miss out on!

Vacation season on the Northern hemisphere is here, and that means everybody is stressing out on what to bring with them, how to plan the trip and how to actually relax on vacation (and that seems to be the hardest part). No worries, here are my 5 favourite apps that will help you with everything on vacation, so you can finally lay back and enjoy your well-deserved holiday!


Elk is a great app with a beautiful and simple design that can help you with the convert of currency units. You can choose from a comprehensive list of currencies from all around the world. By swiping to the left, you can enlarge the currency. When tapping on a number, the app will show you the ratio’s in between.


This app shows a great community of people aspiring to travel the whole world and helping each other reaching their goals. Look for beautiful places to stay or find a host family and message them immediately. Prizes are already listed so you can easily pick out the ones that fit into your budget. Download this app and get inspiration for your next trip + a place to stay, a great combo!


Just like Elk, this app has only one purpose; Giving you directions wherever you want to go combined with what kind of transportation you would like to use. I love this app because it can give you a 3D overview of a certain area and shows you how to get home, no matter where you are!


The tree apps above are completely free, this one is free to download, but for the best results you should definitely upgrade. LUXE contains many world cities, with information about accommodation, activities, dining, shopping, spa & beauty and more important information you would like to know about the area while on a city trip with friends or family. The given details, tips and tricks are great and the design of the app is beautiful and easy to handle. Amazing app, but a little expensive. That’s why I’m also going to include “GuidePal”. This app works kind of the same and is completely free of charge, however, the provided information is of a lower standard. Still a great app to give a chance when you’re on a budget tho!



Either you are on an active snow vacation or just laying by the pool 24/7, an organized feeling is always a good idea. The app “Bear” is perfect for this. Want to plan a nice trip to the mountains or trying to remember all the shops you want to visit while in Paris, this app will back you up. The many possibilities like making a checklist, adding in photo’s or drawing are well organised displayed so the app is easy to use. Even after your vaca, you won’t delete this app!

Besides these very handy apps manly focussed on travel, here are some other options you should download before heading to your dream destination:

  • Weather: because an unexpected downpour will leave you wet and cranky!
  • Nike+ training club / SWEAT: (or any other workout app) for those who enjoy the food, but also enjoy the fact that their body’s stay fit and healthy during their vacation. A quick workout (even if it’s just 30 minutes) can do wonders for your energy level!
  • Compass and Find iPhone: Because your phone getting lost sucks, but you getting lost could suck even more.
  • iTranslate: Play it safe, don’t accidentally insult the man/women while you actually wanted to complement her/his eyes.
  • Goodreads: Because nothing is better than laying on the beach with a great book
  • Been: for those die-hard travellers among us, here is how to keep track on everywhere you’ve been. Enjoy how your world starts getting colour, literally and figuratively!

So there it is, my favourite apps to take with me while I travel. Check them out and let me know if you have any faves yourself! Also, keep your eyes out for more travel posts as my adventures just begin!

Lysbeth Koster

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