Healthy Ice Cream recipe + video

Summer is here, and that means many delicious flavours of ice cream in overload! From chocolate chip to peanut butter-jelly and from blueberry sorbet to strawberry cheesecake, choice in abundance! But as much as I love ice cream, a healthy lifestyle and body means a lot to me as well. Indulging every now and then is important to keep balanced and really doesn’t harm your body. But let’s be honest, I could eat a delicious fruity sorbet or dense chocolate ice cream every day! With these easy recipes you can enjoy a bowl of healthy ice cream every day, depending on what ingredients you add. Keep on reading for my favourite healthy ice cream recipes!

The ice cream I’m talking about is made from frozen fruit and blended up with a blender or kitchen machine. It can be divided into two categories: A creamy consistency ice cream and a more icy sorbet consistency. To the basic ice cream/sorbet recipe you can add anything you want; herbs and spices, other fruits, candy, nuts and seeds, etc. In this blog I’ll be showing you the two basic recipes (for creamy ice cream and sorbet) and a list of ingredient suggestions. Also make sure to check out the video’s I made about two of my favourite combo’s! Banana – Cherry Ice Cream with a nutty undertone and a beautiful Pineapple – Blueberry sorbet with a bite of Lime.

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The main ingredient of the this creamy textured goodness is: – drumroll please – banana’s! This delicious food has a perfect consistency as it is very cream and there is not much water to be found in it. One portion is equal to one banana, this recipe is adapted to one portion. To accentuate the flavour you can add cinnamon, vanilla extract or honey. Other things you’ll need are:

  • Blender
  • Cutting board + knife
  • Freezer
  • Liquid of choice

Start by peeling the banana, you could slice it up right away or do this step after the banana is frozen (it’s harder to chop up after though). It takes about 4 hours for the banana to freeze, I suggest leaving the banana in the fridge over night.

When completely frozen, put the pieces of banana in your blender and add a tiny bit of liquid (less is more here!). For the most healthy version, go for water. Other suggestions could be any kind of milk, juice (apple, raspberry), coconut water or maple syrup.

While blending you might need to press against the frozen parts or stop the blender to give the mixture a good stir. When the mixture is complete smooth, simply serve the way you like. You could also put the smooth banana mixture into a high tray and leave it to get a little more firm so you can scoop out the ice cream better.

Other ingredients:

  • Chocolate milk/cacao powder
  • Peanut butter and/or jelly
  • Nuts (like pistachios), also great as a topping!
  • Fruit (and or fruit syrups) like strawberry, blueberry, apple (To keep the creamy consistency, do not freeze these foods).
  • Vanilla bean
  • Raisins (and rum)
  • Pieces of candy bars.

If you want the ice cream to get a certain flavour, make sure the pieces of nut, candy and/or fruit are very finely chopped. Bigger chunks can be added after the blending process.


Sorbet is known for a fresher and more icy consistency. To achieve this, you’ll need fruits that contain more water/moisture. Think about pineapple, berry’s, (water)melon, etc. Besides the fruit you’ll need:

  • Blender
  • Cutting board + knife
  • Freezer
  • Liquid of choice (Go for (coconut)water or a juice)

You’ll follow the same steps as you did while making the creamy textured ice cream. Simply start by cutting the fruit and freeze until solid. Put the frozen parts into a blender and add a tiny bit of liquid. Add other ingredients you would like and blend until a smooth texture. Please note, this is a sorbet so the consistency will not be creamy like the banana ice cream, this texture will have more ice crystals in it. After blending serve in a bowl and finish it off with your favourite toppings or put back in the freezes to be able to create the perfect scoops of sorbet!

Other ingredients:

  • Lime/Lemon for that sour sorbet bite.
  • Fruits like berry’s, kiwi, mango, peach, coconut, cucumber, cherry or grapefruit.
  • Liquids like coconut water or coca cola.
  • Rosemary, mint, basil
  • Nuts
  • Candy

If you want the sorbet to get a certain flavour, make sure the pieces of nut, candy and/or fruit are very finely chopped. Bigger chunks can be added after the blending process.

There it is, two delicious and healthy basic ice cream recipes, together with two different variations to make them even more delicious! I hope you’ll enjoy your ice cream just as much as I’ll this summer! Follow the blog to stay updated and feel free to take a look at my social media platforms! Hope to see you next time!


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  1. Found this at the right time – yearning to eat my first ice-cream this summer but just don’t dare stop the ice-cream van that comes round here – what they sell isn’t healthy. This looks much better. Thanks!

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