What’s in my bag

Life is short, so buy a bag! Or two… or three, maybe one more and another? But eventually it’s all about what’s inside. So lets go ahead and break down what’s all to be found in my bag!


Let’s start of with some basics; first of all my wallet with cash, cards and receipts. It’s possible to put my phone into this wallet too, which makes it a perfect clutch on a night out. Next up, of course, my phone and a pair of headphones. My phone is an “everything in one” thing for me. I use it as an agenda, to keep up with my “to-do” lists, my social media is on there just like my workout plans, run tracker and favourite music. That’s why the headphones are a must in my bag as well; I love listening to music when heading to the gym to pump me up a bit. And to make sure my technical friend doesn’t run out of power, I always make sure to have a charger on hand.

Some other very important basics are tissues, gum and a hairbrush with hair ties. I don’t only use the tissues for my nose, they are also great to press on oily parts of the face without ruining your makeup. Definitely a lifesaver on those summer days! Gum for fresh breath all day long and some hair tools to make sure I can save myself or a friend from a bad hair day. Sunscreen is something I only put in my bag in spring and summer, but this guy has saved me and my skin so many times already.


Lets talk beauty, because I always have some care and makeup products around. When going through my go to’s, this is what you’ll find.

  • Feminine hygiene, no taboo talking about it! It’s just a natural process and it’s important to get out the door prepared.
  • My favourite hand crème at the moment is this called Amande. It leaves my hands so soft and I especially like it after washing my hands.
  • To make sure I can give my eyelashes another coat whenever they need to, of course my favourite mascara from Clinique.
  • A drugstore lash curler, as my lashes go straight towards my feet instead of fluttery upward.
  • Perfume is always a staple piece, sometimes up to ten testers hang around in my bag!
  • A little eyebrow brush to make sure the girls are on fleek 24/7.
  • A good moisturizing lip balm and the lipstick I use that day, this really depends on the look I’m wearing.
  • Besides makeup products, I also have a little makeup remover (Take The Day Off – Clinique) bottle in my bag together with some cotton pads. Nothing is worse than messed up makeup because of the rain here in The Netherlands, so I always need an opportunity to take it of and refresh.
  • That’s also why there is a daily moisturiser (Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Moisturiser – Clinique) in my bag, the one I’m using here is the Clinique – even better.
  • An eye cream from Shiseido for puffy or dry under eyes.
  • Everybody probably knows this situation; you have a great workout session, shopping trip or business meeting when your nail breaks of, nothing worse than that. A file makes sure I can fix it right away and keep on going with my day.
  • Last but not least is some jewellery that I took off or still need to put on. When I’m running late I simply throw it in my bag so I can add those finishing touches whenever I want.


My last real must have in my bag is definitely this little notebook with pencil/pen. Like you might have seen when you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, I love drawing and doodling. This notebook is great for those boring or creative moments.


Some other stuff I like to carry around are some medicine like aspirins, allergy pills and eye drops. And because I love my little doggy, I carry around (yes very charming, I know) some shit bags and dog cookies.


Like you can see, a look in the handbag of someone else is actually a peek into their lifes, their character and hobbies. I hope you liked this more personal blog and maybe got some ideas to add to your bag too. Hit the follow button to keep up-to-date on blog posts and follow my social media to get a quick look in my daily life.

Now we’re already talking a little more personal stuff, I wanted to share some very exciting news. A few weeks ago I was sitting at my desk studying very hard for final week, that’s why I was a little MIA for a while. But this week I got the excited news that I passed my tests and graduated my six years of High School (School system in The Netherlands is different, but this is the best way to explain). I’m ready for the next adventure, and glad to take you with me!


Lysbeth Koster

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