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Since the beauty blender took its spotlight in the makeup industry, I’ve been a big fan of this egg shaped sponge. Different colours and shapes came out leaving the perfect flawless finish on any skin type. Quick, read further for more info, tips and tricks on this little makeup miracle!

Did you know that Rea Ann conceptualized the beauty blender already in 2003! From that point many professional and amateur MUA (makeup artists) lifted their makeup game to an whole other level. The sponge is initially used to apply and blend out foundation and/or concealer but there are so many other ways to use this makeup product. Think about applying powder, blush, highlight or bake your face. Besides applying product I love the blender to soften my looks. Softly press on top of the highlight/blush to press the product into the skin for a gorgeous, glowy and natural finish. Last but not least is maybe one of my favourite tricks: using it in addition to your fake tanning routine. After tanning your body, just use a bit of the fake tan on your beauty blender and simple contour your face. The sponge will make sure no sharp edges are visible and you’ll wake up with a gorgeous contoured and slimmed out face every morning!


However, there are some withdraws to the little sponge. First of all, the blender of blenders soaks up a lot of your highly valued and precious foundation/concealer/highlight etc. Second, besides soaking up your product, it also contains oils and other facial liquids. Cleaning the sponge is very important and exactly that brings us to drawback number three; the beauty blender is very hard to clean. The solution for you could be the silisponge, “The what?”, yes, it’s called a silisponge. This silicone sponge will not soak up any product and is very easy to clean, just wipe off the residue with a makeup wipe. You can use it in the same way as the beauty blender, with padding motions.


The silisponge is great, but I’m still a big fan of the beauty blender. To keep the hygiene of my makeup product and quality of my skin as good as possible, I always clean the blender after using it or before starting my makeup. And right here, right now I’m going to share my top tip on how to clean this little fella. It only takes a minute and is super simple, no crazy expensive or hard-to-find-products needed, you’ll probably have everything at home.

To get your used beauty blender clean again you’ll need luke warm flowing water (from the tap) and a bar of soap. I know, simple right! I like using an oval shaped soap with a little bit of a dimple in it so it curves with the shape of the beauty blender perfectly. Wet the bar of soap and just scrub the beauty blender along the soap while keeping it under the running water (this part is very important). While the sponge is soaking up the water, it will take up the soap as well. Just continue this process with intervals of squeezing out the water and soap from the sponge. Simple twist until all sides of the blender are covered and give the blender a last good squeeze to make sure no soap is left inside.


Every now and then I make sure to use some coconut oil after cleaning of the blender and really massage that into the sponge. Too lazy for this extra step? Simply use a soap that has oil in it like the Marseille soap, which contains olive oil, check out the link down below.


There it is, a blog dedicated to the wonderful beauty blender plus some extra tips on how to use it and keep it in good condition. Make sure to give it a try and I hope it works just as well for you as it does for me! Want to get in contact with me? Check out my social media or go to “Contact” right here. I hope to see you on my next blogpost!

Also, make sure to check out the links to beautyblenders, the silisponge and my favorite soaps!

Beautyblender for self tanning and professional MUA

Beautyblender for every day (original)

Beautyblender for foundation application

Beautyblender for sensitive skin/skincare products

Beautyblender for cream and powder blush

Mini beautyblender


Marseille soap (with olive oil)

Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Bar for Face and Body

Lysbeth Koster

4 thoughts on “clean n’d care – BEAUTY BLENDER

  1. My daughter got me one of these and I had been using a different type of sponge, This is fuller so it is bouncier, I like that. It does soak up a lot, but I wet it thoroughly and then squeeze out all water in a towel and it works better. I use the soap that came with it and it works well. Will be moving to a bar soap after all is done. Great post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lovely and how sweet of your daughter! Hope you like the technique, I sometimes switch it up with the original cleaner so I don’t run out so fast. Thank you so much for taking the time to read it, hope you’ll have a lovely day! x


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