Business Break

Every now and then we all need some time to unplug from our hectic daily lives. This is the perfect after-work outfit for a little shopping trip to treat yourself for all the hard work you delivered. The outfit is quick, casual and still has that business women vibe.


Combining an oversize white blouse with a pair of distressed grey shorts creates the perfect get away look. The white, grey and black colors stay within the business pallet while the oversized shirt and the distressed look of the shorts give the outfit a more comfortable and relaxed feeling. Great combo for an after work get away!


For accessories I went very clean with a simple necklace and my go to watch. Same goes for nails and make up, clean with a healthy glow. A great pair of black sunglasses never hurt anyone. Sunglasses are one of my go to accessories as they really finish the outfit off and you can mix and match with different styles. Also great if you’re not feeling like a full face of make up! For make up I used the Makeup Revolution highlighting palette, read my review here. The fragrance I pared with this look is La Vie Est Belle, a beautiful subtle scent.

For shoes I decided to go with these edgy ankle booties, they really give the look a more interesting and high fashion look without having to walk on heels all day. If you wish to turn this look into something a little more classy, try adding a simple black heel with straps to keep that summer vibe and make sure the look doesn’t get too harsh.

I hope you’re inspired by this outfit and love the style just as much as I do. For more looks check out the category style or take a look on my social media! For outfit details, scroll a little further. Thank you so much for taking the time to read the post, hope to see you next time! To stay up to date, make sure to follow the blog and get notified every time I post.

Outfit details:

  • Shorts: LTB – Denim Goods: W28 / L34
  • Blouse: Someday, size 36
  • Shoes: Rocks
  • Perfume: La Vie Est Belle
  • Sunglasses: H&M
  • Watch: Regal
Lysbeth Koster

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