Highlight – Palette review + Tips&Tricks

Let’s be honest here, highlight is just as magical as a rainbow unicorn. Maybe it even comes from unicorns? But, what I do know for sure is that adding highlight to your makeup will give you that amazing finishing touch. The brightness will give your face a beautiful healthy glow and makes your best features stand out even more.
The Makeup Revolution – Ultra Blush Palette in “Golden Sugar” is perfect for different looks and styles. Keep on reading for my review on this palette and tips & tricks on how to get that beautiful glow from within.


Ultra Blush Palette in “Golden Sugar” – Makeup Revolution


This palette has been going viral because of the amazing looks of it. It comes in a nice matt black box, very clean and stylish. The palette itself is a shiny black with the name written in gold letters.

The inside of the palette is just as clean as the outside. It opens easily and has a nice big mirror in it. When looking at the highlighters, blushes and bronzers, there is this beautiful hypnotizing crystal stone vibe to it, beautiful to use in pictures. The palette looks very high-class and rich.


The palette consists of a collection of bronzers, merged blushes, baked bronzer and two merged highlighters (baked).

Let’s start of with the upper row from left to right. First, a beautiful ivory highlight. You can really play with the balance white – gold with this highlight and the colour payoff is great. Next there are two blushes, one on the more pink side and one more purple. Personally I don’t really use these, as I like my blushes more on the matt side. Both have a sheer and silky finish. Last is this amazing golden colour, which, in combination with the first ivory highlighter, is great for that Coachella golden glow. I also like to use this product for my eye makeup.

For the lower row, we start with a beautiful subtle highlight, which has a nude to golden undertone to it. I really like using this highlighter for very low-key makeup looks. Next is a beautiful rose-gold highlight, however, I never use it as a highlight because it’s too dark for my liking, but on the eyes it’s an absolute star. After this rose gold beauty there are two bronzers; a sparkly bronzer, perfect to give you that sun kissed shine and a matt bronzer to give you that matt tan vibe.



The colour payoff differs a lot, but is overall great. Only the two blushes and the nude/golden highlight are a little on the sheer side. Looking at the value you get for the low price is amazing. This palette is great for different purposes and has an extensive collection in it. The only extra thing I would add is a matt blush to take with me, but with that being said, this palette is a great and beautiful addition to your makeup collection!

Tips & Tricks – Highlight

First of all it is very important your skin is clean and moisturized before you put on any makeup. Because, when you treat your canvas right, it will show in the paint you put on it. Check out how I keep my skin in good condition here, with my morning skincare routine.

Like I said, highlight is amazing, but can be a little tricky to apply. Keep in mind that less is more (yes, even with highlight) as you don’t want your skin to look too oily. Slowly build up the amount of product and make sure to really focus on the high points of your face. Here are some more specific tips on how to apply your highlighter.

  1. After foundation, concealer and contour you could add an extra step for that inner glow. Take a bit of your favourite cream highlighter and blend it right into the skin on top of the cheekbones, nose, cupids bow and a little above the eyebrow. If you feel like the cream highlight is to harsh and not blending well, try putting a little bit on your hand first and thinning it out with one drop of facial oil. After mixing the two products together, apply the highlight-oil mixture with your fingers or, very highly recommended, a beauty blender. The oil will be taken up easier into the skin and will leave a nice, natural look.
  2. When using a normal powder (baked) highlight, try a fluffy (eye shadow) blending brush instead of your standard highlighting brush. The blending brush is a little smaller and will give you more control than the larger fan brush. You could always go over it with the fan brush to blend out the product more.
  3. Using your beauty blender on top of your applied powder highlight is an amazing trick. A loose powder tends to just lie on top of the skin and can give a cakey look to your beautiful makeup. By pressing the product softly into the skin, the highlight will leave a nice blended and natural finish.
  4. Last but not least is using a setting spray. I never really believed in the use of this product. Instead, I used to (don’t laugh) stand above the just finished dishwasher and let the hot steam melt my makeup together. It sounds funny I know, but it worked and I didn’t have spend money on setting spray. However, A setting spray completely changed my makeup game. It melts the makeup way better into each other and into the skin. Besides that, it also makes sure the makeup will stay on all day.

So there it is, all information tips and tricks about the magical unicorn sparkles for your face. I listed the mentioned products down below and also added some alternatives and different kinds of amazing products, so make sure to check it out. Thank you so much for taking a look on my blog and leave a comment if you have any tips yourself! Also, make sure to check me out on other social media platforms.

MR - Highlight DII


Makeup Revolution London: Ultra Blush Palette – Golden Sugar

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Glow Kits

Sonia Kashuk: Chic Luminosity Highlighter Stick

Two Faced: Love Light – Prismatic Highlighter


Beauty Blender



Setting spray:

Urban Decay: All nighter Long-Lasting Makeup – Setting Spray

– All pictures and drawings in this post were taken/made by me – 

Lysbeth Koster

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