Morning skincare routine – CLINIQUE

Taking good care of your skin is incredibly important. The skin is exposed to many harsh factors daily, so showing it some love twice a day is the least we can do. Think about the environment, makeup and weather, but also factors like stress and nerves can have a major impact on your skin. That’s why taking good care of your skin doesn’t start with fancy products, it starts with loving yourself, taking enough rest and listening to your body. So make sure to take a step back every now and then and relax. After a good night of sleep your skin is most of the time a little sensitive and puffy, so I try to make sure I treat it as delicately as possible.DSC_9072

It’s very important to adjust the products to the kind of skin type you have. Take in consideration that time, seasons and weather also have great impact on the way your skin reacts. Dry autumn winds are very different from the damp and warm summer weather. Your skin type can change during the year, so change your skincare routine along with it.

Also, products and tips that work for one person could have a very different effect on another. Make sure to try things out yourself and experience what products work best on you and make you and your skin happy.

With that being said, let’s break down the products I use for my morning routine.

About a year ago I discovered the Clinique three step system, an amazing and complete package that will take great care of your skin in just three simple steps.

The first step is the liquid facial soap. I use the one for dry to combination skin because my forehead and cheeks tend to get on the dryer side, but my nose area leans a little more to the oily side. Simply use one pump on the palm of your hands and apply to a wet face (lukewarm water) using circular motions. Try to massage the product in while it starts getting foamy without pulling too much on the skin.


An extra product you could add here is the Clinique sonic system purifying cleansing system (or any other electric face brush). Personally, I have seen a huge difference once adding this brush to my skincare routine. It really cleanses the face and reduces the amount of pimples significantly, while keeping the skin happy and healthy. The brushes head exists out of two parts; the upper part (green) consists out of firmer bristles, which are great for using on the T-zone area because this part of the face is stronger. The other bristles (white) are softer and great to use for the delicate parts of the face like cheeks, under the eyes and neck. This system is a more expensive investment but is definitely worth the money. However, it is important to check if your skin is able to deal with the pressure of the brush (on very sensitive skin the effect might be reverse).

Secondly, I cleanse my face with the clarifying lotion, applied with a cotton pad. This product is pretty harsh on the face, it cleanses perfectly but I try to avoid the eye area and only apply it one time.


Last but not least is the dramatically different moisturizing lotion +. An amazing lotion that will protect, moisturize and hydrate your skin without leaving a sticky or oily residue. Apply the product by spreading it out on the fingertips, using soft patting motions to avoid pulling on the skin. This pressing motion will make sure the skin can take up the product faster. After applying the moisturizer I give my face some time to calm down and take up all the products, waiting at least 10 minutes before I start my makeup.


Besides these basic three steps I like to switch up some extra products, which are different every month or even every week. The use of these additional products again depend on how my skin is acting at that time and the other external influences it.

So there it is, my skincare morning routine. I hope this might be helpful for you, leave a comment below if any questions came up while reading and make sure to check me out on other social media platforms.

Lysbeth Koster

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